About the Author

Jacques Besnainou is an engineer who was educated at the Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines in Paris, France. He moved to the United States from France in 1993 where he successfully developed an environmental consulting firm. After selling it in 2000, he spent more than a decade at the large nuclear services company AREVA where he held several high level management positions.

Jacques lives in Montréal in Canada with his wife Isabelle.

Note from Jacques

Writing this book has been a true cathartic experience for me. I studied mathematics and physics in college and have been an engineer for the past 25 years, dealing with complex but rational problems.

How could I open my heart and write such a personal and important story in simple, straightforward language, so it could be easily read?

I thought it would be impossible, but I started nevertheless and it was like my mother was guiding me. One chapter came after another. I wrote a few chapters in a couple of months and showed them to friends. They liked them and encouraged me to go on. It took me more than a year (from July  2012 to October 2013) to complete.

When I pushed the “send” button to get it published, I felt a sense of great relief and I thought my journey was over. I was so wrong! It was only the beginning. I started to receive very nice comments from readers. Some shared their own stories with me, while others confided to me that they had cried. The book had an impact!!!

This is why I decided to publish a new edition in the U.S. and signed with a publisher in France for the French version.

I have started a new journey….